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How do i turn on the backlight on my e-bike?

Press the M button and the + button simultaneously for 3 seconds.

What is the tire pressure for the e-bike?

Between 65 and 75 psi.

Can i make an RBSM SPORTS E-Bike go faster?

RBSM SPORTS e-bikes have a max limit of 20mph (32km/h) which

conforms to applicable laws. Anything faster than that and the e-bike

would be classified as a road vehicle and would require licensing and insurance to ride.

Where can I get RBSM CORP products?

RBSM SPORTS products are available here at

Retailers like Amazon, Costco, Best Buy and others will have limited supply of RBSM SPORTS products.

My e-bike will not turn on

Verify that all cables are firmly connected at the following locations.

  • cable from display and make sure the connectors are connected
  • cable from right side( rear brake).

  • main connection from rear wheel to battery, its located on the frame below the chain (covered in velcro strap)

  • last location is underneath the bike where the battery is located remove access door to gain access to the cable and connections.

Instructions are for Pluto R & C2.

Please email us at for details of other models.

Pedals will not go on easily

Stripped threads are not under warranty. You will need to purchase replacement parts. If this is the case, please send us a picture of your pedal and crank thread so we can access if your problem can be fixed or if anything needs to be replaced.

send pictures to

Where is the battery on my Pluto R/C2 e-bike?

Located on the frame as seen in picture, access is via two small Philips screws at base of battery.

How do I remove the battery from my Pluto R/C2 e-bike

How do I change a flat tire on my Pluto R/C2?
  • The tires use a standard Presta valve 700c road tube with 48mm valves.
  • The rear wheel requires that you disconnect the cable that comes from the rear wheel motor BEFORE REMOVAL.
  • after the tube has been changed ensure that the rear axel is correctly seated in the frame
  • reconnect the main cable and cover with velcro strap.
How do I remove the rear wheel of my Pluto R/C2?
  1. Put the bike on the ground , upside down.
  2.  Pulling the wire of motor out and pulling off the band.
  3. Loosen the screws of two sides by 18 inch spanner (wrench)
  4. remove the rear wheel out of the bike
How do I fix my brake sensor?

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