Paper towel holder with cling wrap and foil dispenser



3 in 1 Paper Dispenser is convenient, quick, practical, and healthy for the kitchen. It helps you load paper towels, aluminum foil roll, and cling film in the same place and save your time and give it easy to maintain. And then help cutting rolls of any size manually. It is a great idea to store aluminum foil and paper towels, cling film in 1 dispenser in the kitchen. With its compact design, it saves space in the kitchen simple front-loading with a mountable paper towel rack easy to set up and refill.

  • Easy to install
  • Safe and quick
  • Wall mountable
  • The Triple Paper Dispenser
  • Sharpened blades to cut cling film
  • Takes 12″ / 32cm standard size rolls
  • The foil and cling film holders allow for easy and clean-edged cutting with two sliding blades
  • Function: Hold issue paper, aluminum foil, Cling Film, and other kitchen necessities
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color White


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