RBSM Sports Viper 48 Refurb e-Bike 500W 48V Powerful motor

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The RBSM SPORTS Viper E-gravel Bike is a tough and rugged electric “gravel” bike designed and developed for cycling adventures over hard surfaces, dirt and gravel. Created for electric bike riders who appreciate versatility and performance, the RBSM SPORTS gravel bike will take you anywhere.

“Good vibes and RBSM Sports e-bikes will get you anywhere.”

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500W 48V Powerful motor

Max Speed 20 MPH

Max Range 30 miles

9 speed Derailleur

5 level Pedal Assist

27.5″ All-Terrain Tires

Recommended for riders 4’8″ – 6’1″

Weight limit – 220 lbs.

LCD Features:

Battery and battery percentage indication

Motor Power indication

Speed indication (incl. running speed, Max. speed and Ave. speed)

Odometer and trip distance

USB connection indicator

Includes: Charger, Tool set, Manual.

Specifications: Dimensions (L × W × H/D): _176 cm × _46 cm × 121.92_ cm (_69.3 in. × _18.11 in. × 48.76_ in.) Weight: _21.5 kg (_47.4 lb.)

Warranty: One year.


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