Self inflating air mattress




【Luxury & Portable】: The self-inflating pad is designed to achieve perfect user experience and provide you with the comfort and warmth you need. Inflated size: 78.0″x 30.0″x 3.0″, packaging size: 31.9″xφ7.1″, weight: 6.0 pounds, very easy to carry.

【Comfortable &Durable】:Comfortable and durable 30D stretch cloth fabric fits TPU, waterproof, soft and very durable; the 7.5cm/3in thick design ensures that you will not feel jagged rocks or uneven ground below, providing you with ultimate comfort night.

【Fast Inflation and Deflation】: We use Boston inflation valve, which can quickly and easily self-inflate and deflate without an air pump. Compression straps are used to store the cushion, making it easier to put in the storage bag.

An Overview On Camping Mattress

Spending time outdoors is a great way to improve your mental health. That makes camping an excellent activity to escape the pressure and busyness of everyday life. Whether you’re planning a solo adventure or a family trip, you’ll need to have the necessary supplies. Perhaps the most important camping item on a person’s list is a quality mattress, as a peaceful night’s sleep is key to enjoying your time away from home.

Consider comfort and support next, as you don’t want to wake up with sore muscles. The Rbsmcorp Camping Mattress is an excellent choice, as its made using a memory foam that is free from mercury, lead, phthalates, fire retardants and ozone depleters. It’s also got a hypoallergenic cover that blocks dust mites, mildew and bacteria. No matter whether you sleep on your stomach, side or back, you’ll find the memory foam contours to your body. Of course, other mattresses that use a coil construction are also great at providing back support, as they work to keep your spine in alignment.

Determine how lightweight and portable the camping mattress is. You don’t want a mattress that weighs over 7 pounds if you have to carry the mattress a long distance. Go with a mattress that either has a built-in carrying handle or a storage bag with a carrying handle, as this will make getting the mattress to your campsite a much easier.

Research how much work is involved in setting up the camping mattress. You don’t want to spend a great deal of time prepping your campsite, as you’ll want to get right to all the fun. Some of the camping mattresses simply roll out, while others need to be inflated. Look for a model that self-inflates if you go this route. You don’t want to have to pack a separate pump, and (depending on where you camp) you probably won’t have access to an electrical outlet to use an electric pump.

How to inflate and deflate
The single sleeping pad mattress with one valve, no pump needed, self-inflating, and deflating quickly and easily.
Open the valve and rotate the paddle lightly, in the state shown on the left, the air will slowly flow out
STEP 1: Unfold the pad and lay it flat on the ground
STEP 2: Open the valve and the yellow paddle is facing upward. It will automatically inflate
NOTICE: Due to the compressed packaging,when you receive d the package, please unfold the sleeping pad and open the valve for 24 hours. When first used, keep self-inflating for 1 hour. As the number of uses increases, the cushion will quickly complete self-inflatio
The sleeping pad adopts a unique three-dimensional cutting process with a wave pattern on the surface. 3D craftsmanship makes the products show high-end.
The sleeping pad adopts a unique three-dimensional cutting process with a wave pattern on the surface. 3D craftsmanship makes the products show high-end.
30D stretch cloth fabric. 3 inches/7.5cm thickness, enhance comfort. Let you have a nice night.
Package size: 31.9 x 7.1 inches, weight only 6 lbs, it is lightweight and compact. There is a carry bag with straps, easy to carry. No matter when it will bring you an unexpected convenience.
Proffession support system, and 7.5 cm thick design ensures you do not feel serrated rock or below uneven ground, providing you with the ultimate comfort of the night.


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