VigorPool 200W Solar Panel with SunPower Cells


Constructed with Travel in Mind

The foldable VIGORPOOL solar panel is the perfect partner for VIGORPOOL Power Station while planning for a trip, Considering it is as compact as 20*23*1.5 inches in dimension, 23% high solar energy conversion rate and lightweight can be lift by one hand.



Top-of-the-Line Efficiency

It supports monocrystalline silicon cells, superior heat resistance over other types of solar cells. With the highest sunlight to electricity conversion rate available (up to 23%).

Stable & Self-Support

Come with kickstands on the back to support the panel socking sunlight at any angle. The sturdy kickstands and panel board guarantee the stability of solar panel working in any terrain and stay put in the windy or shaking environments.

200W SunPower Solar Panel

• Easy-to-carry handle, foldable, and quick to set up

• Travel as far or as long as you wish

• IP54 waterproof rating for splash resistance and durability

Create a Solar Generator

A VigorPool power station paired with a solar panel creates a solar generator that gives you the ability to generate an unlimited amount of green solar power off the grid.

Tech Specs

200W Solar Panel

Model: VP200BS Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 26.2V
Max Power: 200W Short Circuit Current (Isc): 11.16A
Conversion Efficiency: ≥23% Output Cable Lead: 3M
Operating Voltage: 22V Dimensions(unfolded): 540*2320*15mm
Operating Current: 9.3A Dimensions(folded): 540*620*65mm


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