RBSM SPORTS Sea Otter Fishing kayak




The new RBSM SPORTS Sea Otter Single Seater Fishing Kayak has been designed for fishing enthusiasts & recreational paddlers!

All the features of high-end kayaks that you want, at a price anyone can afford.

ULTIMATE DO-IT-ALL DESIGN: 2.85 metres long, 140kg weight rating and 26kg total weight, means it’s the perfect combination between being big enough to get you and all your gear out on the water, while still being movable to and from the water by one person. Deep V bow and transom means it handles chop and swell with ease, while the large flat mid-hull section gives it enough stability that you can easily stand up in it!

SERIOUS STORAGE CAPABILITIES: Huge bow storage area with lid, massive waterproof central storage area directly in front of your seat, and a large transom storage area perfect for your tackle box or backpack give you all the storage you need

BUILT TO FISH: Four fixed rod holders, two adjustable and removable holders, plus a large flat foot well that lets you easily and comfortably stand up to scout and cast – fish won’t stand a chance.

STAY OUT LONGER: Designed to be ultra-comfortable hour after hour, thanks to the removable, adjustable, mesh-backed and aluminium framed seat. Padded back and seat sections add serious comfort – mesh design lets water drain better than traditional foam kayak seats. Plus adjustable footrests to suit all different heights.

MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT: Two-piece alloy and plastic double-finned paddle that floats – paddle mounting point on the side of the kayak so it’s out of the way when you want to fish – quality stainless steel fittings throughout

TOUGH AS NAILS CONSTRUCTION: Made from 100% virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE) – no low-density polyethylene or recycled materials used in construction, so it’ll provide you with year after year of faithful and repeated service. Bang it around on the water or the land without a worry – it’ll stand up to just about anything


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